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Our team is ready to guide you through the film-permitting process. Our conveniently located Downtown Los Angeles office houses a full-service sign shop, a large stock of traffic control equipment, and a department dedicated to community relations. Get to know our team below, and stop by the office so we can get to know you!

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Eric Nichols
President & CEO

The son of an LAPD motor officer, Eric grew up in California. When his father started his own film permit agency, Eric couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help build something from the ground up. He began his career at PPS in 1988 delivering permits, gathering community signatures, and posting “No Parking” signs. Realizing the strong potential for growth, Eric bought PPS In 1994. He has since expanded the company both in size and in scope of services, growing PPS into the full-service agency it is today. Eric credits the success of PPS to its hard-working people and a can-do attitude. His vision for PPS is one of continued growth and expanded services.


Chris Agnew
Vice President

Chris is a Philadelphia native with a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. After spending time in San Francisco working as an Associate Producer for Legal Video Services, Chris relocated to Los Angeles and worked for the EIDC as a Film Permit Coordinator. He brought his permitting know-how to PPS in 2004, beginning as a Permit Coordinator, advancing to Head Coordinator, and finally, to Vice President. Chris thrives on the opportunities his role affords to problem-solve and think on his feet.


Noah Grange
Permit Coordinator

Noah grew up in Los Angeles with the smell of Pink’s Hot Dogs wafting through his backyard. He has worked in various capacities in the entertainment Industry since the tender age of 8 years old. Noah has been working at PPS since 2005. His extensive knowledge of production brought him into his role as a Permit Coordinator in 2007. Noah appreciates the daily challenges of his role and the opportunities to work with great people.


Christie Hazlet
Permit Coordinator

Christie was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. She is a self-proclaimed map nerd, and she knows LA like the back of her hand. After spending time as a bartender, Christie started working at PPS as an Assistant Permit Coordinator in 2007. She moved up to her current role as a Permit Coordinator in 2010. Christie calls working at PPS a “match made in heaven” as she gets to indulge her passion for maps and her knowledge of the LA area on a daily basis. She also loves that there are still new things to learn, and knowing that people appreciate what PPS does for filming.


Dennis De Leon
Permit Coordinator

Dennis is a Los Angeles native who always wanted to work in the film industry. He earned his BA in Journalism from California State University, Northridge. Dennis worked at the EIDC for nearly 10 years before moving to PPS in 2010 as a signature gatherer. He worked his way up to an Assistant Permit Coordinator in 2012 and was made a Permit Coordinator in 2014. Dennis finds great satisfaction in completing a permit and enjoys the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people.


Jennifer McNeil
Permit Coordinator

Jennifer grew up in Washington State before moving to the United Kingdom to earn a BA Honours in Broadcast Journalism. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she focused on her passion for film by volunteering at local film festivals and learning everything she could about production. Jennifer began her career at PPS in 2014 as an Assistant Permit Coordinator and was promoted to Coordinator in 2017. She loves the constantly changing landscape of permitting and the opportunity to work with the best people in the industry.


Christopher "Owen" Lee
Permit Coordinator

While Owen grew up on the East Coast, he has spent time living all over the world. After studying Liberal Arts at Cecil College, he enlisted in the Coast Guard where he served honorably for 11 years, earning his Commission in the Officer Corps. Prior to finding PPS, Owen worked in the financial industry. He joined PPS as a runner in 2014. Became an Assistant Permit Coordinator in 2015, and moved into full coordinating in 2017. Owen enjoys learning more about the behind-the-scenes aspect of filmmaking.


Jason "JDP" Del Paine
Permit Coordinator

JDP realized the entertainment industry was his calling from a young age, growing up walking distance from the major studios of Burbank, CA. After a 14-year career in a local film office, he made the move to PPS in 2017 as a Permit Coordinator. His extensive knowledge, permitting experience, and strong work ethic has made him an ideal fit with the team. JDP has a dedicated passion for on-location filming and takes great pride in assisting productions with their permitting needs.


Katie King
Asst. Permit Coordinator

Katie hails from South Carolina, where she earned a BA in Arts with a focus in Directing from Limestone College. After working for five years as the Associate Director at Greenville Little Theatre, Katie relocated to Los Angeles. She started working at PPS as a signature gatherer in 2014, moving into the office as an Assistant Permit Coordinator in 2015. Katie values the friendly environment at PPS.


Martin Faust
Asst. Permit Coordinator

Martin joined the PPS team from a background in production and communications. A Chicago native, he earned his BA in Communications from Loyola University Chicago in 2013. After graduating and working in the Chicago area, he moved to Los Angeles for a change of scenery and fresh opportunities to work in entertainment. Martin knew he wanted to join the PPS team after interviewing and persistently followed up until he got the job in 2016. He enjoys working with good people who excel at what they do.


Brandon Dickson
Asst. Permit Coordinator

Brandon is a SoCal local, born and raised. After studying Creative Writing and Communications & Media in California, he worked as a freelance Associate Producer around Los Angeles. In 2016, Brandon began working at PPS as an Assistant Permit Coordinator. He enjoys the eclectic mix of people he gets to interact with on a daily basis.


Gianna Horak
Asst. Permit Coordinator

Gianna is the daughter of a film preservationist, so an appreciation for film was instilled at a young age. After studying opera at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, she returned to her native Los Angeles to pursue a career in the industry. Since joining the PPS team in 2016, Gianna has enjoyed learning the geography of Los Angeles through studying maps all day. She thrives off the fast-paced world of permitting and tackling new challenges daily.


Corey Chappell
Vice President, Field Services

Corey was born and raised in Central California. She has a background in theatre, where she has worked as a stage manager, director, and producer. Her first foray into the film world was in 2004, when she was hired as the Field Services Manager for PPS. Over the years, Corey has grown the department from just a few people to the 40+ person team she handles today. The growth potential is what initially attracted her to the position, but being surrounded by a great team is what has kept her here all these years.


Maggie Nicholson
Field Services Manager

Maggie has lived all over the United States. She originally aspired to be a doctor, but midway through her studies she realized her true passion was film production. Maggie went on to earn her BS in Film from Southern Oregon University and worked as a Director for the local ABC news affiliate in Medford, OR. In 2011, Maggie moved to Los Angeles and eventually found her way to PPS as the Field Services Assistant Manager. She welcomes the fast-paced nature of the work and learning more about this lesser-known aspect of the industry.


Alisha Carderella
Field Services Asst. Manager

Alisha hails from The Berkshires and holds a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts. She was formerly the Sr. Health Fitness Administrator at the NBC Fitness Center in New York City. She was also a Deacon at Madison Avenue Baptist Church and spent time volunteering through the city with the organization. Alisha became interested in learning more about the entertainment industry and decided to move to Los Angeles. She worked various jobs around the city, including some acting and production projects. Alisha joined the Field Services department at PPS in 2018 and loves learning the ins and outs of the film permit world.


Aisha Wright
Field Services Coordinator

Aisha was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, specializing in television broadcasting. After spending time working in social media marketing and exhibiting at trade shows around the world, Aisha moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career path in film and television. She joined PPS in 2017 as a Field Services Assistant and enjoys being able to watch shows she has been a part of.


Eddie Esparza
Field Services & LAPD Coordinator

Eddie has lived throughout the southwestern United States. He studied Drama at Merced College in Central California, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Eddie briefly worked for PPS as a runner, and then moved into production working as a PA. In 2010, Eddie returned to PPS as a runner and became a Field Services Coordinator in 2014.


Teresa Lee
Senior Accountant

Teresa grew up in Northern Nevada. After moving to Los Angeles, she started out as a Legal Secretary. Over the next 15 years, Teresa became an Accountant and the Administrator for three retirement facilities. In 2013, she joined PPS as an Assistant Accountant, which led to her current role as Senior Accountant. She likes working in an office where laughter is common, and she values the people at PPS.


LaTrishia Ronveaux
Assistant Accountant

Trishia has worked in the accounting field since 1999. She started out as an AR/AP clerk, then worked as an executive assistant, bookkeeper, and manager for various offices. Trishia began working part-time with PPS in 2008 and full-time with the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Resource Manager in External Affairs, traveling around the country to support disaster operations. In 2013, Trishia came on board full-time with PPS, working as an off-site Assistant Accountant. She enjoys working for a company of great people that allows her to prioritize family when necessary.


Mady Muy
Assistant Accountant

Mady, a Miami native, knew she wanted to work in the film industry from a young age; she credits watching The Lord of the Rings for the first time as her inspiration. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Productions from American InterContinental University, Mady moved to Los Angeles to purse a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing from Chapman University. Upon graduating, she began freelancing in production. Mady joined the PPS team in 2015 as the Office Manager, moved into the Accounting Department in 2017, and loves working with people who have an affinity for film.


Andrea Chavez
Assistant Accountant

Andrea, a tried-and-true Los Angeles soul, has spent her life soaking up Southern California and all that it has to offer. There isn’t a hole-in-the-wall she doesn’t know about and raves lovingly of. She began her professional career 9 years ago with a Medical Billing degree but soon moved into the world of accounting. She joined PPS in 2017 and, being family-oriented, loves the closeness that the PPS team provides.


Chuck Lotta
Field Representative

Chuck has been with PPS since 2006, when he started work as a motorcycle messenger. He continues to work daily with the team as a runner.

Brian Lockwood
Field Representative

Brian has a BA in Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Prior to joining PPS in 2011, he was a freelance photographer.

Phillip Contreras
Field Representative

Phillip is studying for a degree in Math at East Los Angeles College. He began working as a Runner for PPS in 2013 and appreciates having the flexibility to work around his studies.

Eliana Nava
Office Manager

Eliana is an LA-area native with a BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. After living in San Francisco for six years, she moved back to her hometown, where she has interned at commercial production companies and worked as a PA. Besides being a film nerd, she’s also a history and sci-fi buff. She enjoys the challenges of learning the ins and outs of the company.